Stearns One Packs™ are a comprehensive line of more than 60 professional-grade cleaning liquids and powders, innovatively packaged in premeasured packs. Precise measuring guarantees accurate-strength solutions every time, maximizing cleaning performance while saving you time and money.

Traditional dispenser machines may accurately mix concentrates, but they are prone to fail, complicated to operate, and they force workers to waste time returning to the supply closet to refill buckets and bottles. Dispenser-free One Packs™ have no moving parts or plumbing to break down, require almost no training, and are uniquely portable – allowing your staff to accurately mix anywhere in the facility.

Switching your operation over to One Packs™ couldn't be easier: there is no costly equipment to install, no special training, and no fixed water hook-ups required. In fact, with One Packs™, you can eliminate solution centers completely – saving valuable space in custodial closets.

Don't limit your staff's effectiveness with outdated equipment and methods when the next generation of dispenser-free control is just a phone call away with Stearns One Packs™.

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With the One Packs™ Express program, top-performing cleaners are specially packaged to include 10 packs of a single premeasured product per carton, packaged 10 cartons per case. The handy 10-packs simplify distribution to:

  • Remote sites
  • Franchises
  • Mobile crews
  • Multi-store locations
  • Multi-building campuses
  • Facilities with limited custodial storage

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Inventory Control for Frequent Spray-and-Wipe Cleaning

The Stearns Quik Tank system is the perfect inventory-control solution for frequent spray-and-wipe applications requiring high volumes of cleaning solution. Simply fill the 5-gallon Quik Tank container with water and any of 10 popular Stearns premeasured cleaning concentrates – your staff can easily fill their spray bottles and begin cleaning.

With low initial investment and simplified training, your facility has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Water-Soluble Packets for Quarts

Introducing Quart'r Packs®, a quicker and simpler dilution control system for spray-and-wipe cleaning. A complement to our Water Flakes® line, each packet of Quart'r Packs® dilutes with one quart of water.

Containing exact portions of powdered cleaning concentrates, Quart'r Packs® are packaged in water-soluble film. They dissolve quickly in water – no pouring, measuring, or opening packets. Just drop one Quart'r Packs® packet into one quart of water, and you are on your way to a cleaner and greener facility.

Quart'r Packs® are packaged four small tubs per case. Or, choose one tub and one silk-screened color-coded bottle per case.

Available in 5 formulations. See right side panel.

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Quick and Simple Water-Soluble Packets

Some cleaning products are delivered and stored more efficiently as powders instead of liquids. To complement our innovative One Packs™ premeasured system for liquids, Stearns has developed the revolutionary Water Flakes® water-soluble packets for powder concentrates.

Water Flakes® are exact portions of powdered cleaning concentrates, packaged in a water-soluble film that dissolves quickly in water. Just toss one into a sink, toilet bowl, or bucket of water, and you have the perfect-strength solution in seconds – without measuring, pouring, or even opening any packages.

Water Flakes® give you the same great advantages as One Packs™ – no waste, no confusion, and point-of-use mixing without dispensing equipment. They are shipped in your choice of lightweight storage tubs or larger-size reusable pails, and are offered in 10 popular formulations. See right side panel.

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